Out of control – An involuntary journey

The following report was written by a young syrian man. The original text is in arabic and was translated by a friend (for you ;))

I lived my childhood like any kid, in a good atmosphere and I can get everything I want.. I grew up and went to primary school. There was everyone in my class. The Muslim, the Christian etc. We didn’t have any kind of sectarianism, we eat and drink by and with each others.

I have always dreamed about being a pilot. Until I realize its being just a dream and I am being instead asked to praise the president of my united and shared country. I grew up and I didn’t become a pilot. Because my government didn’t seem to be interested in making my dream any real.
When I wanted to step into my higher education, I’ve got a post from my dear government asking me
to fullfill my national service, I was 18.
Here is where I started to academically fail. I learned a lot about military life but I became a machine that obeys whatever the government asks me to do. Without hesitation or rejection.


Deyaa – Eine Mutter auf der Flucht

Ich heiße Deyaa, bin 39 Jahre alt, verheiratet und habe drei Kinder. Mein jüngstes Kind ist hier in Deutschland geboren. Ich komme aus Idlib, Syrien. In Idlib, meiner Heimatstadt, ist es schon seit geraumer Zeit sehr gefährlich. Manchmal – nein, jederzeit besteht die Gefahr, dass Bomben auf die Stadt geworfen werden. Es gibt keinen bestimmten Zeitpunkt dafür. Es kann jederzeit passieren. Vielleicht morgens, vielleicht abends … Plötzlich tauchen Flugzeuge am Himmel auf und werfen Bomben auf die Stadt. Ich habe Idlib sehr geliebt und hätte nie gedacht, dass ich diese Stadt verlassen würde, um in einem anderen Land zu leben. Aber als der Krieg begann und die Stadt zerstört wurde, hatte ich große Angst um meine Kinder. Ich wollte meine geliebte Stadt nicht verlassen, aber der Sicherheit meiner Kinder zuliebe fasste ich den Entschluss, zu fliehen. Weiterlesen

Alaa – Ein Künstler zwischen Kunst und Krieg

Alaa Aldin Alhassoun ist Künstler, 31 Jahre alt und kommt aus Aleppo, Syrien.
Am Fathi Mhd Institut für Kunst studierte er Skulptur und Zeichnen und machte anschließend seinen Abschluss an der Universität in Damaskus in Kunstwissenschaften mit dem Schwerpunkt Zeichnen. Dank eines Stipendiums, welches er von der syrischen Regierung bekam, hatte er Ende 2011 die Möglichkeit, ein Studium mit dem Schwerpunkt Kunstkritik an der Kunstakademie in Kairo zu beginnen.

8f8890_f22883e0a41f452695f5ae39f73cd8e1 Weiterlesen

Emad-„I do not like to say I was an activist“ Teil 2

My father had contact to someone who can arrange everything to arrive to Turkey; I had to pay 2000 Dollars. Then I went to Turkey by ship, from Tartus, a city at the coast, to Mersin. It was easy; I just had to pay money. When I arrived there friends were waiting for me. Some of them had been working with me in the civil movement. I lived with them in their apartment.
I spent a few months in Turkey, five months or so. I was in Gazianteb, a city near the border and I was in Arihani, it is directly on the border. I tried to work in some NGO projects in a refugees camp. I like to help people, to work with them, work with children, make documentaries. But I did not feel comfortable with the NGOs. In Syria I was working more directly against al-Assad, but in this period I had to work in humanity aid. Actually I was still excited to work against al-Assad, not helping homeless people. But they really need so much help and they do not get it.

Emad-„I do not like to say I was an activist“ Teil 1

I am Emad; I am from Homs, Syria, my age is 25. I was a student, I studied engineering in Homs. My father is working as an engineer as well and my mum studied law, but she did not work, she is a housewife. One of my younger sisters still studies in the university in Homs. My older sister studied at the higher institute of arts and my brother is here in Germany. He studied medicine and worked for two years as a doctor in Bremen.
All of them are against al-Assad’s regime. They are not politically active but they are against him. My mother’s family is against al-Assad, some of her brothers have been arrested because of that. Most of my father’s relatives support al-Assad, a few of them are in al-Assad’s army.
For me only my small family is important: My parents and my siblings. I have a good relationship with my uncles and my cousins as well. I am still in contact with all my relatives.


Teddy – My long journey…

Anders als bei Afrin basiert diese Geschichte nicht auf einem Interview. Da Teddy gerne schreibt, hat er seine Geschichte selbst niedergeschrieben. Einige Erlebnisse, die er uns in persönlichen Gesprächen erzählt hat, haben wir noch hinzugefügt. Der Originaltext ist auf englisch, weiter unten findet ihr eine deutsche Übersetzung.

My name is Teddy, I am the eldest sibling of a family of five children. My mother is a dentist and my father an engineer and baker. Originally, I come from the city of Kinshasa in the Congo. I was an ambitious law student and would walk to university every morning at 5 am. I loved my time at university and I was very passionate about my studies. After graduating in 2009, I went to South Africa to specialise in bodyguard formations. My goal was to start a security company back home in Kinshasa. I wanted for the local people to benefit from my company, so they could put bread and milk on the table to feed their children. By the time I had started my company, I was married and living with my wife and my little daughter. I had my family, my friends and an exciting work project, so I was happy, life was good. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for me from then on.